Friday, 13 February 2015

Perky present day components

Spotted in downtown Taipei, Taiwan, this studio is the home and workspace for two planners. Utilizing their own imaginative soul to make a spot for themselves, the Ganna Studio wires components from this noteworthy flat with present day feel, bringing about a space that is both inviting and lovely yet where a lot of work can get fulfilled.

Wood is utilized as a focal material, lighting up the life span of the building and bringing characteristic components into this to a great extent urban abiding. From a recovered wooden worktable to a herringbone design wooden floor design, the general outline feeling is ageless yet not stuffy. Perky present day components including geometric seats and a splendidly painted doorway door keep things fascinating and available. The blending of more established and more cutting edge components make the Ganna Studio a desert spring for the two architects to live, work, and play in Taipei.

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